How It Works

It's Quite Simple Actually!

Search For A Service

Do you want a massage? Some nice music while you have dinner? Search for what service you want performed!

Book A Provider

Search our database of providers. Compare ratings and reviews and even pay for the service right then and there. Currently you can pay with credit/debit card, Bitcoin, and Alipay.

Provider Comes To You

The service provider comes to your residence and performs service. If you really like them (or really don't) give them a review!

Make Money As A Service Provider

Here's How It Works!

Create An Account And Add Services

It's fast, easy and best of all free. After your account is created you can add the services you charge for as well as offer recurring subscriptions and coupons!

Integrated Schedule System

Get real time alerts when patrons attempt to schedule your time. Integrate your appointments with your existing calendar system.

Easy Payouts

Get paid on a 2-day rolling basis (instant payouts coming soon). Your banking details are safely stored with Stripe so no payment details are saved in our servers.

Mobile App Coming Soon

In The Meantime Enjoy The API!

Create An Account And Create Your Own Applications

Using the Treat Me At Home REST API you can create your own applications. Read the documentation to get started!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the project please fill out the form below.