Official Launch Date Set

Over The Past Year

We have been working diligently to bring you a quality service that is Treat Me At Home. Through various channels we have improved upon and implemented features crucial to the satisfaction of both the service providers and the ones who buy those services. We truly believe this app will be revolutionary in the service based on-demand economy.

So When Is It Launching?

We are targeting Feburary 1st, 2017 as the launch date for Treat Me At Home. However we are in an open beta until then! All of the core features of Treat Me At Home are implemented so you can get started earning income today! We are still implementing some cool extra features and still working on visual design, thus the beta phase.

How Can I Help The Launch?

There are two main ways you can help. The first one being signing up as a service provider. This should speak for itself as service providers are the driving force behind Treat Me At Home. You provide the services that people want performed. The second way is sharing on social media channels, this helps us track our sphere of influence from an analytics perspective and also helps us reach audiences we might not otherwise. We appreciate all the support from everyone and look forward to the Feburary launch and thereafter!